19. Emily and Vincent Horn


Emily and Vincent Horn run the Buddhists Geeks project, a website that has regular podcasts and articles about spiritual matters with a modern Web 2.0 approach. Their site is a big inspiration for our own. We discuss ordinariness and the rewards and challenges of intimate relationships.

I read out a wedding blessing by Eric Kolvig, you can find out more about it and read the transcription here.

Vincent is @VincentHorn on Twitter and his website is http://www.vincenthorn.com

Emily is @EmilyHorn on Twitter and her website is http://www.emilyhorn.com

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  • Rieka Says:

    Thanks, I loved the wedding blessing, sooo beautiful for sharing it. And yeh I agree there does seem to be a lovely balancing act to living fully quite the adventure!.
    These guys sound like they are both quite aware in the area of relationship/partnership, its been a pleasure to listen to you speak intimately with each other, and soo gently, very nice guys.
    A friend of mine recently helped me see the need to be grounded, as i have been known to have a habit of floating off into the clounds and become quite detached from the deeper intamacy that ‘being ordinary’ brings. He mentioned that a sage had once pointed (cant remember who) that ‘we need to be the clouds ‘and’ the mountain’ this was really helpful as I had upuntil that point only known of one or the other. What a releif to feel able to connect with my humanness and share with others in a more intimate way being connected to both aspects. I feel much more open to anything coming my way, just by staying put and not flying off into escape mode.
    The buddist way (or any way) still smells of rules to me, maybe if it wasnt called something it would be easier to take, feels a tad limited, but seems to be working for you guys and thats great. Cheers

    Rieka x

  • Ben Says:

    That was a great exchange, thanks Tom. What a delightful couple the Horns are. I’d like to have you all round for dinner :o) And I love that wedding blessing – ‘do not take for granted that which can no be taken for granted’. There it is man! I must copy it out and put it on the bathroom mirror or something.

    So relationship as a vehicle of spiritual awakening. Hell yeah (but heaven on good day of course heh). I dont think the Horns have kids, otherwise I think they would have mentioned the challenges of that particular relational dynamic and how similar they are. The two poles of letting go and staying put, of being both open and closed at the same time, comes up a lot. I struggle with letting go of my need for them to do / be a certain way (cultural expectations, my own neurotic triggers, whatever) and setting the boundaries which are authentically needed for health and well being. Trying to identify which is which is hard enough. Riding out either of them (letting go of an inauthentic need for them to be and do something, or conversely asserting an authentic need and standing my ground) can feel like sitting in the furnace.

    Yep, seems kids = dharma squared!


  • tombh Says:

    Thanks for the lovely comments Rieka and Ben :)

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