21. Enlightening the Shadow


This month Mike speaks to Scott Kiloby, author of Love’s Quiet Revolution, about the joy of  Awakening and the importance of exploring and understanding the Shadow afterwards.

Click here for Scott’s website.

Thanks to sigur ros for use of their beautiful song, ‘gong’. We welcome all comments and questions below.

11 Responses to “21. Enlightening the Shadow”

  • tombh Says:

    Excellent podcast guys! Loved the happy, conversational style, a pleasure to listen to.

    Lovely to get to know you a bit Scott, thanks for sharing with us :)

  • Natalie Says:

    Wonderful podcast. Thanks for talking about the shadow side. My own “realization moment” was, in itself, quite ordinary, and I have not experienced the profound “fireworks” of oneness that some do. Instead, it has all unfolded in a quite ordinary fashion. Everything has changed and nothing has changed. Nothing to grasp and nothing to hang on to.

    Someone mentioned that this “shadow” side does not often get discussed in the nondual circles. Some of us are talking about those experiences, though: David Scoma, Jed McKenna, Robert Wolfe and myself, to name a few.

    As you say, it is simply Life happening.

  • Rieka Says:

    Thanks guys, this was an interesting listen. It was so good to hear about life after awakening. It seemed since (and before)this thing happened in my life I was able to find alot of info,storys and interveiws with people who had this thing also happen to them (not quite right with the wording here). And since this ive kept an ear out for storys about after this/these seeing/s, has seemed to be not much if anything about the normalisation of letting go of even that that apparently happened. I think it could be a common misunderstanding for people that this normalising is a loss of the true or pure veiw because of the beleif that it is to be this but not that, look a certain way etc… but it seems that it is just more opportunity to let go and let go and let go. And I love that each person is having their own unique experience, it just exentuates the beauty of this whole thing.
    I have noticed and love the changes to the way Scott and Mike speak about this its a much more relaxed way to meet, more spacious in a way.

    I really appreciate this conversation and am glad to hear that more people are speaking about the shadows that arrise.
    Cheers x

    • tombh Says:

      “let go and let go and let go” So true :)

      How’s it going down in Oz then? (Still haven’t had our Skype date yet)

      Thanks for the comments as always x

  • Ben Says:

    Brilliant. Thanks both. Very much.

    I was a bit worried by the title, given the shadow doesn’t seem to be down with enlightenment a whole load. But as you’ve illustrated wonderfully here, it needs us to make room for it, so acknowledgment, acceptance and respect too, I guess.

    I made a few topic requests a while back including something on ‘Growing up versus waking up’ (the phrase was taken from a superb illumination of the notion by John Welwood >> http://www.buddhistgeeks.com/2010/06/bg-178-growing-up-versus-waking-up/) and you’ve obliged me. Thanks DJs. Keep spinning :o)

  • Ben Says:

    oh forgot to say, ‘shadow work’ as an established methodology was new to me, glad to hear it’s a group thing…

    I wonder how it compares to traditional one-to-one psychotherapy where shadow work is often the order of the day?

    Anyone had experience of both?

  • rieka Says:

    Hey there, yeah the skype thing justhasnt happened, may need to take a lesson from my flatmate :). Feel like im back on the treadmill, or rather playing seek n no find.Ive been studying 4 days per wk and find not much time for myself, this has felt like a problem (when attention goes there and forms a habit,yuk). It all makes for an interesting situation tho. And then, life goes on.

    Thanks guys, Love, Rieka xx

  • D. Elder Says:

    The music was moving, ‘carried’ me back 8 years–(time is so entertaining.)

    The ideas in the podcast are peace-producing for some people who are carried similarly, to let us remember we are not alone, or off the wall, or even mistaken.

    Smiles from Debbie in Montana ^_^

    • Mike Says:

      Thanks Debbie,

      We appreciate your appreciation. Yes, we are not ‘off the wall’, there are no ‘walls’ anywhere.

      Smiles to you too! :-)

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