28. Kyira Korrigan: Gender Equality


Tom speaks to Kyira Korrigan, a dharma teacher in the lineage of Noah Levine. The discussion focuses around the thorny subject of gender equality in traditional Buddhist institutions. The recording jumps straight into an out-of-context reference to the Garrsion Teacher’s Council (a multi-tradition meeting of 230 Buddhist teachers from the West), so bear that in mind when you begin listening. It was recorded in Los Angeles during the Buddhist Geeks conference in July.

5 Responses to “28. Kyira Korrigan: Gender Equality”

  • Matthew O'Connell Says:

    Tankin ya kindle sir. While I’m at it, ‘Watch The Guard’ it’s very funny.

  • tristan Says:

    Could someone sum it up for me, i feel like debating but i havnt been able to listen to this one for more than 5 minutes. Is it about gender equality in emptiness. ,  ). ? Please delete if im being offensive here. Is that person Awakened?

  • Monkey Mind Says:

    Dear Kyira, dear Tom

    I’ve been listening to this one repeatedly for days now, and every single time something new struck me, and something unsuspected and ugly inside me was caught in the glare and splattered apart in the light.

    Thanks, you two. You’ve spoken the truth about things I could never quite put a finger on, and the confusion due to not being able to express it clearly has been tormenting me my entire life. I was so fucking blind, and such a pompous arse.

    With tearful gratitude (yes, like that, not joking or trying to make it sound other than it is)

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