33. What is Awakening?


So what exactly is Awakening? Mike speaks to author and lecturer Steve Taylor about his research into enlightenment experiences, who they happen to and why suffering and trauma appear to play such an integral part.  More information on Steve’s work can be found here. We hope you enjoy this one, feel free to comment below.

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  • Rieka Says:

    Hey guys, nice to listen to this stuff again. Ive taken a (much needed) break. I liked your choice of speaker its nice to hear someone speak from a research basis and im glad its in a book, im sure it would have been helpful to me when going through this intergration or whatever. it was cool for me cuz I had many experiences, sometimes years apart, the first one I remember was a beautiful gentle shift that felt like the background becoming the foreground, and that seemed to last about 3-5 mths or so ( a time in my life where ther was much less if any resistance, at that moment there was none) and I can see what happened for the old way to ‘seem’ needed to play again.
    Then also a gentle shift where a veil seemed to be lifted from infront of my eyes, very sweet to see the world as it is (id always known the world really looked that way and felt very blessed to have had another preveiw), that lasted about an hour or so. And the most resent experience was one of the 20 odd percent of the stories that Steve mentioned about reaching a severe loss or crisis point and the attachment dropping away to reveal whats here without it (along those lines anyway).So im really glad that this has been written and shared with people because im sure it could be helpful.

    Since my last big seeing experience about 2 years ago now, theres been extaordinary situations presented and still seen to be happening but in a much less intense way, which ive come to see as just the way its meant to be, nothing or no experience better than any other and because there is no wanting to understand or know whats going on anymore it can just be a simple settling and movement arrising and falling away whatever the case at anytime.Free, to move. I have contemplated that the reason I didnt ‘get it’ the first times (and through all the peak experiences) was that it just needed to be this way, and the more I feel acceptance and rest in this the more joyfull, gratitude is felt. Gratitude for all of this. The resistance to letting go of situations and people that seemed to promise happiness and wanting to know what was going on was sooo strong, extremely uncomfortable (and such a long story!)prolonged any rest. Letting go of the attachment to know was a much quicker road to resting in this. I remember spending alot of time on the internet and reading, pretty much entertaining my mind in all of this stuff and looking for similar experiences to feel ok with what was happening. And after the sensations in my body and mind became less aggressive and more subtle ther seemed t be more space to see the opportunity to relax in myself, just stop, everything. This happened again and again and It was seen that this was the way back home.
    At some point I realised that it was the need to ‘know’ what was going on, I had such a strong curiosity/mind and this was blocking true rest. Lots of focused energy went into this and then slowwwlly checking in with the feeling b4 it went to a story,and then what comes before the feeling and over time coming ‘home’ again and again. It then became apparent that its all simply movement and actually all thats happening is ok, and its all part of this. But its not like an end point its an alive moving knowing, thats known inside.
    Isaac Shapiro talks about the shift of focus from the habit to focus attention outside of ourselves rather than inside (just a conditioned ‘habit’, which lets us all of the hook :)), but of course there is no difference to inside and outside but its the habit to focus our attention in this way which makes it feel so. Isaac speaks of this habit often and sometimes facilitates experiential opportunities during Satsang and retreats which I have always loved because it gives the opportunity for direct experience and it goes beyond a concept.

    Thakyou again for this wonderful site!,
    Love,Rieka x

  • Rieka Says:

    Omg! thats a big blah blah, oh well hope someone likes it.x

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