Hello Everyone :)

I'm away from home at the moment, at my girlfriend's in Exeter painting and decorating, so I've not had so much time to keep up to date with the ol' internet. I was in deep discussion about politics, but haven't been able to keep up on that thread, though I can see Warren has made some thoughtful comments. I'll catch up as soon as I can, but just to prove that I'm not slacking (notice the paint stains and genuine decorating ladder)...

tom painting

Of somewhat uncanny interest, during the various jobs involved in preparing a house for sale --sorting under the stairs, pulling up carpets, sweeping floors, cleaning out draws, taking down bookshelves-- I have come across a number of pens in surprising places, biros mostly but fountain pens and pencils also. It's like Where's Wally except with pens. Where will I find the next writing implement and what will it be like!? A classic blue biro? Or maybe a rare red-inked soft-tip, sporting a local business's marketing logo? I feel I should be cataloguing them and recording the location of discovery for forensic/archaeological purposes.