The sheer uncanniness that there is anything at all.

But, a solid explanation please.
Flu by the invisible virus,
electricity by the invisible electron,
these words by the invisible author.
This aliveness by the invisible …
well somebody must know?

Please hear that
nobody knows.
Nor have we ever known
nor will we ever know.
And look,

no vanishing in a puff of smoke.

being struck by sheer uncanniness,

the anything-at-all most vividly awakens.



We are hoping that this blog will provide a supportive and encouraging environment to discuss and explore that which is most significant in our lives, namely that very life itself - the simple and sheer fact of existence. For myself, the question, "what is existence and how did it get here?" is both the most significant investigation a person can undertake and also the closest I can get to describing the sensation of being per se. In those peak moments of awe and wonder, when above all else I know that I am surely alive, I am struck by a great mystery, one that is both beyond me yet inextricably the ground of me, "what is this!?"

If a god created existence, what created that god? If the big bang created the universe what provided its pre-conditions? If existence has eternally been, what is the basis on which eternity can function? If existence is ultimately inexplicable, then where is the hard evidence to prove this? And yet whilst we consider such profound questions, we are alive! Unquestionably so.