Mike's previous entry reminds me of myself being at school, trying in vain to explain them that we were pure conditioning, that all things were determined by an infinite amount of factors: gene, education, experiences etc... Now i can see i was closer to Reality than i thought.

How many people strive to be unconditioned? We could say how many strive to become Infinite? Because the Infinite Universe (call it what you want) is unconditioned. Everything that can become the object of consciousness is conditioned. It is the Unconditioned in one of its many conditioned forms.

So what is this seeking about? How many try to escape their conditioned being? How vain! There is no escape! Even suicide would not put an end to it, it would rather confirm the conditioning of this particular manifestation. Again, everything (everybody) is the unconditioned appearing in a conditioned, determined manifestation, which at times is seeking the Unconditioned. It is the Universe seeking itself.

So eventually the seeking changes. It is not the seeking of the Unconditioned, but the seeking of the conditioned. Accepting it, loving it and living it... or not.

So how come we don't know this? How come we feel frustration, guilt? How come we can even hate ourselves?  Well this is known already. Because all questions are the conditioned forms of there own answers, eventually returning home, in peace.