As today's combination of a cold with a broken rib, in a painful sneezing cocktail, provided another proof of the non existence of any higher intelligence governing this world, a certain idea asserting it was time to cut off the bullsh** which is drenching thoughts and behaviour began to arise.

So during Indian Philosophy classes the a cloudy balloon arose above my head resting pathetically on my palm which contained these words: "Get down to the facts."

So chewing the cud, the following arose from the darkest neuronal depth:

  • As many opinions or concepts, as well as perception can be founded in the intent of describing the same object, the true nature of this object remains unknown. The common factor on which all shall agree is 'being' which the object, or at the least the witnessing of it, are enough to prove.
  • Being is the common factor to all objects and the universal truth which remains infinite as nothing cannot be prior to Being, not even time. Not-being itself cannot be without Being.
  • As for the potential gnosis of any object or Being itself, it cannot be done by means of knowledge, since knowledge implies a knower and a known-object, thus separation. Separation is fundamentally different from gnosis.

Then i guess a nice looking girl walked by and interrupted this beautiful flow of thought, reducing it to a mere "aaarghh"...*sigh*