New year’s solution:

Stop biting fingernails and spitting them out;
They provide healthy nutritional value to one’s daily diet.

Start selling unused organs – one kidney, one lung, one femur;
All are replacable for the right price, just make a market of yourself.

Stop selling your soul to disinterested agents,
Find value or at least marketing skills to increase your producce worth,
Then sell.

Start replicating ideas,
Anything that is worth saying is worth saying is worth saying is worth saying…

Stop finding interest in things that don’t interest you,
You are what you pretend to be.

Start by believing that no one is interested in anything you have to say;
And then say it with conviction.

Stop pretending you believe in something if you cannot live through the results of believing in something – otherwise, no conflict will occur at all.

Start recognising that these peripheral thoughts are just that.