I best write this with the a basic intent: to provoke.

The fundamental nature of reality is this: it is. Nature is all that we can experience and reality is how we experience it. It is a solely empirically based concept that has the Cartisean rhetorical conundrum spelt out in his apparent division from it: ‘I think therefore I am.’ Accordingly, our fundametality is that we are nature experiencing reality.

I come to this conclusion though what I will loosely term ‘pre-history’; evocative as it may be, my contention for the course of our discourse over the next term of interest (be it days, weeks, months, eons etc…) is awakening the Thunder Gods, the Great Myths, the Eternal ideas that have ravaged and concoqued the minds of thinkers, poets and warlords throughout the ages. What are our twelve tasks for our era that Hercules overcame as a son of Zeus; what is the moment that we prepare for before battle as Arjuna did; who is the Sun God that brings us such bliss and turmoil within the same intent… Nietzsche’s content was not to celebrate the death of a Christian God, but the despair of someone who knew we desperately had to replace it with something better.

Nature and Reality belong to the Sciences, who in my mind are lacking support from the theologians and philosophers who delve into the recent past, trying to recreate glories of half a century ago or half a millenia ago… let us delve into the Gods themselves not only in the hope of understanding them, but in the chance that we might create them.

If we can muster the courage to answer the fundamental questions, then are we not Gods? Let us create a new prose, a new world freed from the conception of what horrible contemplations of what the Gods have done unto us; but rather, if We be Gods how we would choose to project the ‘goodness’ within us for the next millenia.

We, the children of the Apocalypse of reason shall usher in a new era of beautious reason worth the next millenia.

Who will join us? Let us tackle the Great myths of all the past cultures in our thoughts and words on this patch of dry soil within the cyber-country and nurture a plain of rich dense soil worth planting in for the future.

I've heard from my elderly friends that at the end of one's life all one is interested in is creating 'life' as quickly as possible...

If we're not right by the end of the decade, be sure that our soil will be tillable towards the end of the century.

Do more than all you can, always, for something greater than yourself.