After spending much time looking into Being, and trying to understand what ’to be’ really means. Something in the mind began to get twisted and the feeling rising from this point really isn’t comforting, it was rather an alarm which resounded and called for a realisation that understanding isn’t the way.

So what is the way?

Well there is no way and there is the way only. What is said here is that there is no special way to be found, there is no secret to be uncovered. What there is, is the simplicity of Life being here-and-everywhere, which is experienced intimately. There is no other rule or wisdom than simply agreeing to Reality, just as these remarkable verses of the Bhagvad Gita tell: The unreal never is and the Real never is not.

So there is being and there is the idea of someone being here and doing things, fine, let it happen. Essentially, ultimately there is only That-which-is, beyond defintions and understanding. For something to be known, a knower is also necessary and where there is such duality, there is no absolute. So as a person there is nothing to be done about it about undestanding it, on the contrary This is what moves everything, it is the source of all the manifest, including consciousness and matter-spirit, anything that is defined by some concept is inculded in

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sukhenaiva sukhamanubhuuyate.
It is by means of happiness only that happiness can be experienced.

This is what needs to be remembered, to simply be happy. When happiness does not depend on anything, there is no business with becoming, there is simply being, and then only there is realisation of Being. Happiness, its independence are the most essential part and remedy to the condition humaine and as such should be fought for.

 Just be happy, let nothing waste any moment of happiness, let nothing separate one from itself.