This sentence from the Bhagavad Gita says:

The unreal never is and the Real never is not.

Whatever effort we seem to be putting in changing patterns or actions is itself another pattern or action which by a similar effort will need to

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be changed. In that manner an a + 1 = a equation is created which leads to an endless series of effort causing the same situation to arise again. 

The actual cause of the above chain of reaction could in the first place be said to be the expectation of (i.e. desire for) a different state, that is a state different from what actually is, other than a. Consequently we can say that by changing the expectation or by refusing to succumb the desire to change the a present state, one could eventually break the chain of suffering. But the expectation or desire itself finds its home in the present situation, that is in a. In that manner, any attempt to modify this expectation in itself would also perpetuate the chain of suffering which it wants to eradicate.

Secondly the cause of this chain of suffering may be the idea of being an individual with free will who has the ability change a state by making certain choices and providing a certain amount of efforts. So one may conclude that the idea of self must be in turn changed if one is to put an end to the series of vain effort and suffering which it originally is trying to eradicate. However we would again fall in the same pattern if we were to operate in that manner, as again we would simply be making an effort which would cause a similar state to arise, and so endlessly. Any effort in restraining from change is itself another attempt to change a given situation and therefore cannot help but perpetuating the cycle.

Eventually, and we come back to the introduction, the only truth is Reality. There is only the given state including all thoughts and actions which are observed, it includes observer and observed; actor, action and object. There is simply what there is and whatever happens is simply this and every attempt to change it also is this, fruitful or fruitless.

The idea can happen, settle and create a pattern of rememberance of there being only This, whether it has originated with the idea of free will or determinism, there is eventually - in, above and through everything - only This.

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