I remember sending this to tom, in the Puppy linux forum;

"This is Mauve

Quote: Some forms of humour in Zen, furthermore, may be seen as instances of the "direct pointing'' and "sudden realisation" methods emphasised in Zen, . . . Enlightenment may be likened here to "getting the point of a joke''—a sudden insight breaking into consciousness (kenzsho) and a sudden release of the tensions produced by ego, desire, attachment, and ignorance (called satori). Then one experiences a sense of freedom. An example: A monk once asked the Zen man Sozan, "What is the most prized thing in all the world?" Sozan answered, "A dead cat." The surprised monk exclaimed, "Why is a dead cat to be prized at all?" Sozan replied, "Because no one thinks of its value."

Quote: "HUMOUR at its highest and fullest is an expression of liberation and freedom. it arises, not out of inner tension, but inner harmony. It arises . . . out of the awakenings of bodhi ..." - Conrad Hyers. [Italics added] Such humour does not proceed from a position of weakness, but of strength. There is also room for humour in warm acceptance, in one's "yes" to the opportunities of life and the joy (exuberance) of living, and of the smallest particulars. There is yet another dimension to this highest level of laughter and humour, and that is compassion. A man with a sense of humour cannot but be much compassionate inside. Laughing Laughing"

There are no smiley icons here, so you'll have to visualise the buddha, as he is always near me when I see animated laughing smileys [that is the laughing laughing appearing here]

I went to tom's web page, clicked the link to sheer uncanniness, and was caught by a post by mike entitled 'Big Mind'

I was drawn like a magnet, yet it wasn't what I came for, but I had to add a comment

Is-ness , Iam-ness, overstanding things instead of understanding them. . . . . . .

The ever present acts on our existence in ways we cannot comprehend with 'tiny mind'

for that is only who we think we are, not who 'I am'

I am uncanny, in finding this path, & knowing the uncanniness of it is both significant & at the same time insignificant

Now that's both uncanny & funny, so in the absence of smileys

Laughing Laughing Laughing

The mauve is the colour I chose to comment to, on tom's site entitled memories, which I will remember, led me here - in an uncanny way :)