Exactly amazing is this linguistic example - spontaneously put together - in order to illustrate what i am about to tell. For it has occurred to me recently that i am going about on the world with far to many assumptions, ideas, expectations and concepts which eventually bring me only farther away from Reality (or at least this is how it is felt as Reality can never be moved away from - or can it? This is another debate than the present).

But let us go back to our example in the field of linguistics which i am rather regulary confronted

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with in my study. There are two visions upon language:
The common perception: we assume language is a defined set of rules integrating a vocabulary and has it own orthography, morphology etc.
The anthropological perception: language is viewed as the result of verbal(or written) communication between a group of individuals.

The first of the two examples sees language as a concept or system which defines the communicative behaviour of he who is assumed to have accepted this system. Such an individual is too expected to use properly this system, and your English has surely ever been corrected by another - there is no need illustrating the case.
The second examples however sees language as a living entity which organically has a structure, though this structure to a certain extent has the capacity of change. In other words from old English to Victorian English down to Modern English, the switch has not been sudden, it has been progressive. This progressive transition to a different morphology, orthography, semantic etc is not originating from the grammar rules themselves (there are no grammar books out there with a chapter: "How to Create the English of Tomorrow"). Its motor has been rather the organic component of the language, which is the group of individual in its interaction/intercommunication.

So in the first case we could talk about a vision from above and in the other case we may say it is a vision from below.  And in the same way, the two types of visions could be applied in all possible fields, where understanding is needed. This will now help me to find my way back at the top of this post:

Just as a language is organic and changes despite its rules, in that same way does Reality unfolds before consciousness. Of course concepts, just as grammar books, are also Reality. What is being said here is that the actual events as they are experienced can differ quite radically from what may be expected, creating much confusion at times. And i don't know if you ever tried to speak with someone who had very little knowledge of English - or any other language you want - but if you had some trouble, it was surely not by looking at your grammar book and saying "But...but..." that you were able to make the communication progress even a tiny bit.

Again when it comes down to living Life - to experience Reality - assumptions, ideas, expectations and concepts help you not directly. At least they don't help me :)
And to express my latest resolution i missed a word, a word to express that i would live life from what there is, from what is experienced, from the empirical data... So being firmly convinced of the above i opted for the creation - let's call it my French touch on English language - of a new word: Empiry. Living my life from empiry.