The last discussion with Pete is falling into some potion that is bubbling in my head for quite a while already. It's about form and content. If you remember the previous thought entitled <a title="This and No More" href="http://ww

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how to get your ex boyfriend back>">This and No More, you may also remember i mentioned looking at objects and see what they say for themselves, and that the interpretation of an object is yet another object, which speaks for itself.

What is meant is eventually the same as when Pete says "data isn't information". Eventually there is only form: content is yet but another form, a thought, an idea, which is a form. Eventually there are only forms and when it is seen, it could be kept at that. But here's the trick: form is again content, because in the word "form" there is

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a concept, a thought.

So in this attempt to try and understand the truth, or reality (for if i am not mistaken, this is the point of this present blog) the mind attempts to grasp a key to control this reality, to get a hold on truth, by means of knowledge. It tries to imprison the All into an oil lamp, so it can wake it up later in times of need. The attempt is vain. Infinite cannot be made finite without creating falsehood.

When truth is seen for what it is, when an idea is born, this idea will not lead to truth again. In order to remove "obstacles" hindering the awareness of truth, references and centers must be surrendered. Nothing only can lead to Truth.