Breathing heavy in the masks of smiles and strengths
Saving the sighs and screams for the empty mountains and skies
Polite company deserves merely polite asides
While cowering in sweat-soaked sheets each night

Call in the brain shrink-wrapped sense of material anguish
Every existential crisis needs but an audience of one
A beached wail is all one can muster out of a
Splendid coughing of inward recoiling and bored musings:

Save the tears, phlegm, blood and bile for the ice age
No humours here, nor hypocracy either
Store up your apathy and cynicism
Your pathologist may need to take a reading sooner than you think

Why so frail? I beg, speak your ills and purge them;
This body, meek and mild it may seem has not yet seen through
Lesser conquests that plagues, wars, famines and climbed
Higher regions than thought ever possible...

Yet you choose to fall as if you've never learned to walk
Saying 'no' 'never' 'can't' as soon as you learned to talk
Of all the things you've learned and learned you could achieve
You've learned to balk and forgotten that you breath.