If being good is good enough then what, say you, is good enough?
Turning up, being there, knowing you care, lifting objects, doing...
If it is pleasurable, giving, teaching, caring, releaving;
How do we understand those that don't give, teach, care, reveal?

Is our understanding of those that don't give, teach, care, reveal
The very problem of how we understand the good?
Are our forgivings foregoing the understanding altogether?
To give before the lack of giving - to pre-give -

Is that our nature?

Hiding, hoarding, whoring, valuing, measuring, timing...
Certainly they are, but are they good? Is giving a value?
Can it be measured, does it have material purpose,
Is it important, can it cause us pain?

This can't be a poem, can it, it is just plain childish confusion
That we can never answer to a child even in a whisper,
Children understand that life is certainly not enough,
But it'll do for now.