Yes, we're all here.

The roll call is a mere formality.

We are here.
We have always been here.
We've seen this coming.
And we've been nice enough to refer to YOU as THEY.


Since we're all here,
we'll continue to keep in line with the correct formality:

They have failed us.
They have forgotten us.
They have betrayed us.
They don't even know who we are.
And nor do they care.

The homeless walking into their houses...
Oops, sorry about that, its a global issue...
Here, 'scuse the rhyme, is a tissue;
Don't waste too many, there's a tree at stake.

We shouldn't complain,
We didn't know.
They didn't know.
Its out of their control.
They couldn't help it.
They didn't see.
They do care,
So give me our house, and here's your tissue.

Oops... rhyme crime again - we see an issue:
Its not YOUR house, it is OUR house,
Its not OUR problem, it is YOUR problem,

They say that Capitalism has two emotions -
Greed and Fear;
One is celebrated, the other exaserbated by ideology.

I say:

We have seen this all before;
Once as tragedy, the next as farce;
Life is not lived forwards and experienced backwards,
We remember everything.

We will have our bread and eat it too;
As a fellow Victorian once said:
We are not amused.