If I'm to be honest, I should at least give some credit to the genesis of my poetic output. I started writing on this blog because of profound loss, which is also a loss which I have dared never to make public to even my closest of friends, which has inevitably distanced me from them. I've told so few of them of the contents of this site that it has given me a strong sense of self to the extent that I am going to present a reading of some of the poetry of what I have posited here on this site. I'm extraordinarily grateful for the eyes that have scanned my woes and thoughts in poetic or philosophic contexts, and I'm even more happy that some of the poems and thoughts that I've blotted in cyberspace still have permience.

Nonetheless I should give fair due to Michael who was an incredible friend thorought that very difficult time and who's initial pact with me was an amazing current of fortitude and inspiration. Really, all of my output on this site is none without his being.

Despite whatever possibility this blog has, is or will be, it has been an enormous inspiration and facilitation of things that historically I would've just jotted down in a diary never to be read by a single soul. Now I find this idea disquieting as I'm currently preparing to edit a years worth of entries on this site. I'm personally astonished that I've really managed to write as much and as badly and as fluently and as well and as blah as I actually have.

I don't mean this to sound like some kind of finale or exit or 'nexus of enlightenment'; but to merely give tribute to amazing friends whom I've never met, who've given me incredible support, and who've opened themselves so completely that no possibility of immediate thanks will be able to fully thank their beauty or their solidarity.

I honestly hope that half of what I have tried to do is worth your wonderous graces. I wish that all of you could be there for my first poetry reading which you were all first privvy to.

And as a cheeky aside, if any of you have a particular leening towards one (or some) of my stuff I'd be very appreciative.

Thankyou, and I love you all very dearly,