How much money do you have in your pocket?
Bank account? Stocks? What will you get when your parents...
Well... Socks...?

What's wot when your net is not?
[Fuck the line, the rhyme is for bigots and blogspots]
Oh fuck it, I forgot,

"I can't helpt it, systematic, pluralistic, sproatic, symptomatic;
geographic; I'm insomnia-tic and vaccuistic to boot give me
Some more crack, hack my hard-drive I've nothing to hide, search my raw-hide at the air-port, contort or deport me, yes I'm guilty to be fly brother morther forthker give me the GOOOD graces to edit my credit cards are messier than my balance sheet bitch I can't help thar baby anymore than you can bicht I aint paing for sheeat."

If you can hear the rhythm of the grinder,
Then you'll understand the rhyme.

"Hey man I would've read this but I haven't got the time."