Hello, it's been a while but we're really happy to offer up another interview to Being Ordinary. Mike speaks with Non-duality teacher and Mother,  Prajna,  about  the direct path, enlightenment, detachment and the importance of embodiment. We look forward to your  feedback, comments and questions.

Prajna's website is Prajnalivingawake.org

Her book Edge of Grace: The Seeker’s Path to the Heart of Liberation is available now.

Prajna is a spiritual teacher, guide and author of Living Awake and Edge of Grace: The Seeker’s Path to the Heart of Liberation. Prajna is known for her depth of presence, unabated compassion and potent message for reclaiming your innate wisdom. Inspired by Ramana Mahashi, her root teacher Adyashanti, and her children, Prajna’s teachings are practical, non-dogmatic, and elicit the direct knowing of who we are amidst the beauty as well as challenge of everyday life.

Prajna came to spiritual realization by way of Mysticism and three decades of extensive training in the world’s wisdom traditions, depth psychology, and holistic healing. She graciously points to the truth and happiness that is already present and creates an open atmosphere of allowance that includes everything and leads to the deepest fulfillment in life.

Prajna is the founder of The Flowing River School and Sangha (2001), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to inclusion of all people interested in liberation, as well as those with disabilities. She is also the creator of The Living Awake Intensive (2006), a course that fosters embodiment of who we are, body, mind, and heart; integrating our deepest realization and walking bravely in our humanity. She is featured on such programs as One Truth, Many Voices; Buddha at the Gas Pump; Living-from-Love; 10,000 Awakenings; and Conscious TV.

My dharma is my life.” ~ Prajna

May all beings benefit from your dharma.” ~ Adyashanti