A thought arises and I act. Then there is silence. Birdsong! Now i'm smiling. I am fascinated by the idea of 'food': Food eats food eats food....what is not food for some 'appetite' ? Everything is moving, turning, shifting, a vast sexual congregation - coitus at every moment! Penetration in every 'Pardon me', Orgasm after orgasm...for ever! My hair falls out, toenails get clipped, (eyelashes rage forth again and again) - And this collaboration within which I dance and sing and cry and rage and die, melts me like plastic recrafting me every hour. I am the billion Gods! I am the Nothing-nothing of sheer Nothingness! - Yet I insert almonds into apricots as a snack. What Magic! What schitzophrenic melody! And all along there is that hidden voice wispering throughout the very space of Space and screaming from the smothered depths of our hearts pith which boldy sings: "ALL IS ALCHEMY! - ENJOY THE SHOW!"