I am the monster.
I am the celebrity.
What harsh beast have I created,
What love can I expect from such an abomination?
How can I turn these eyes to greater deeds?

The limitations of Darwin are facinating –
The descriptions of skins and sex and gender,
Are to be meaured with our primative tools of
Reason, Justice and Commerce.

Still primates, we set about our beliefs,
In Science, Mathematics, Gods and Law,
But the black holes suck upon our Science like leaches,
Infinitities suck upon our absolutes like Deities,
Doubt paws upon our Gods as they paw away at us,
And our Laws, our poor Laws try to convict us of our natures
And make us lepers to words that the few read and rarely practice.

May our ancestors beat us with rocks and stones,
Our words our nature our debate our crisis,
Is of no concern to our planet –
We’re guests, at best, and we can save the planet,
But we cannot save ourselves.

Leave an entrail at least, my friends,
Let the blood and tears that we soak be a joy to the Earth,
Take my limbs my arms my organs for what utility
They may serve as limbs arms arteries
Forests lakes mountains and vapours
But my soul will not haunt you –

You’ve your own soul to haunt you…