“Tear me away from my mirror
And I promise I shall die”,


The ancient lover named Narcissus
Was reputed to madly cry,


“I love this moon faced image
This man that I call Me,




And to close my besotted eyes
I deride as blasphemy,


For the mirror has no mouth to lie
Its reflection is my rhyme,


For though shining dumb it speaks the Truth!
Through a face that I call Mine!


Lost in this labyrinth of living
An age falls at my feet,


Young and old both flail in dust
But no one dare I greet,


Raging eyes and manic stare
Bind me in my world,


I’m hypnotised by my handsome face
My heart’s a flame unfurled,


So the trickery of the Serpent
I shall suffer to resist,


Seeing myself in all that I glance
Narcissus is all that exists!”