Yesterday I lost myself,
I more or less misplaced it.
I think I did anyway...

I found much in my new-found state of selflessness,
I had so few responsibilities that I became free
Of all those things that had troubled me for so long.

And the onset of the longing became boring,
The wine had no flavour,
The women had no flesh,
The lungs breathed no air,
The hope wasn’t a burden anymore.

So I found a cheap cask,
Vintage 2007 the most recent,
And removed myself from reality.

I want not, wash not, eat only to survive,
And I am blessed.

I run not for trains, for time, for religion,
For rhyme, rhythm or reason,
I am the choir that you haven’t heard,
The opera that will never be sung,
The play that will never be performed,
The book that will never be read.

I seek no love and get less.
There is no war in the world,
Nor in my soul.

You cannot undo me anymore than
I can undo myself.
I seek no help nor charity.

I reach for nothing, and I haven’t quite
Reached it yet…

But I’ll get there… We’ll all get there.

Loved or not, we’ll get there.