If not once a day,
Then twice a day as punishment for not doing it once a day,
Then resistance for being so harsh in terms of the punishment,
Then the terms being considered once a day in consideration
Of what should be once a day;

Which should be thought about once a week,
Amongst peers who are able to meet once a month,
With meetings that have half the resolve
Of the original intent;

If not these peers that should meet once a month,
Then we should reject half the peers that
Appear half the time with twice the force
Of the original intent of the first meeting
With a document that will restrain half the resistance
With twice the force to be considered once a year about what should be done
Of the original consideration

Which this document shall outline hear without contention
Consideration, consternation or constitution:
Merry Christmas boys and girls,
Thanks for every day that was and will come of us,
May they be long and fruitful and bare many more
Wondrous musings than what we have yet to muster.

Meeting adjourned.