Meeting reconvened.

If not every moment,
Then not at all,
Then resistance for such high demands,
Then recognition of recognition,
And remembering remembrance.

Which can be thought about whenever the mood takes,
Amongst, (that's a nice word), just amongst then.
Meetings shall be renamed 'amongsts',
But shall still require attendance.

If there is continued disagreement on this point,
Definition of definition must be submitted by noon,
It should be assumed that the deaf are listening,
And that although uncertainty is certain,
Certainty is most certainly not uncertain,
Yes, the blind can see.

Here forth with,
Approbation is given to preceding, current and pending documents,
The warmest Season's Blessings to All,
To creativity, inventiveness and originality (poems shall not be made to appear like other's!).
With thanks, and hope that there's loads more to come.

Meeting re-adjourned.