When I awake I lace the missing hole in my shoe with a
Reef knot
It keeps recurring but that is just the sleeping
Part of awakening
It parts right down the centre of my consciousness
Like a spiral
Silly scribbling that I don't have the capacity or will
To follow through on

Sometimes the dream frustrates me
For I have heard of these recurring dreams that other
Beings similar to my nature have
They say that they are the same
Never having repeated a dream
I wonder that they imagine
They have repeated their dream
To make sense of their life
Imagining that it is repeating
It is not repeating it is the same thing happening
At different times
If you were a clock would you understand whether
You were after or pre morning and
Ponder where you were
The world is still timed
But the clocks are different
Are we really that different?

Or just the same clock knowing itself again and again?

Nobody visits the place
That the abyss goes to die...
They just go there too.

I had this dream that didn't occur once
It was about the next iceage
That set our hearts in deep freeze
Which thawed the great plains of Greenland and
Destroyed the Earth

We begat Gods between us and bore pain
Unheard of in ages gone by
We made new worlds forgetting like our forebearers where
From that we came
So that we could be forgotten
Once again