Question the ground that you walk upon,
What is it made from, who made it?
Question the stone that your comfort is built of,
Is it stone brick mansonry or other...
Question the table that you eat from,
The hands that brought the food to the hands that prepared it...
Then, and only then question which ideology or God produced it.

The same sun provides for all - the coldness of Pluto, dwarf it may be,
The radiant brilliance of Mercury, the heat of Venus,
The anger of Mars and the brilliance of the other orbs,
Leave us stupified to the petty carvings of land that we possess,
The silly contracts the bonds and stocks we use to understand our ideas,
It all floats and flows in accordance with worlds we cannot possibly try to identify,

So if you try, and as you should do, make it stick -
High ideals have a way of making things fall.
Good ideas should be for the all.