Zarathrustra sat longing in his trembling iceburg mountain chamber,
Change clamouring from moment to monumental moment,
Between states of legs all a kimble and foetal numbness,
The panorama of humanity at his grasp, he tumbled out the phrase -

"Why would a creator make us suffer so?"

In that instant the ice thawed, the heavens parted and a new dawn of man was born.

The majesty of the man who accepts his suffering as his birthright
Came forth and claimed that was rightfully his - life.

And thus Zarathrustra fell again to earth,
Wings clipped in states of bliss and folly
With legs all a kimble and terrified foetal mutiny,
In praise of man - with God's severed head tucked neatly under one arm,
Longing desperately for the past, nostaligic for the future,
And humbled by the "is".