Child-steps levelling grass flat tread,
Crushing majority, flattening worlds of Up.

From bottom of hill,
Child’s steps stomp destruction, passage crunching and grinding,
Returning spears of green forcefully, blindly, to the dirt and flat.

Flesh-feet uncaring talk murder to vegetable fingers,
Returning wind-hazed rovings to featureless Down.

Summer spears yodelling vertical in vain,
Breaking horizontal with child walking.


Minority pours minute, folding sideways, spilling cardinal and free,
Touched by crisp-laced boot and pointing worlds of Up.

From bottom of hill,
Child’s shadow lengths symbiotic, passing with shades of feeling, 
Shadow-lain flat, black and lifeless without yodels of untrodden grass.

Ghost-feet caring talk welcome to midnighted fingers,
Mingling light-dark caresses on textured Up.

Drifting and flitting bundled-black hair, grass melds human,
Ribboning vertical with wight talking.