I have done more work on my large poem 'I song with sun'.

Lately, I have been giving a great of my thought to the meaning of sound, movement and language. The questions I have been asking myself are:

How does the tongue contribute to meaning?
What is the significance of 'the turn' (which is what verse (L. versum) means)?
What is the length of thought - is it the length of a breath?
How many syllables in a breath?
What is the meaning of various syllablic combinations of parsed segements?

For instance,  a 2:2:1 combination is generally pregnant, lingering; whereas a 2:1:2 combination, seems more conclusive, finishing.  

What is the effect of stressed and unstressed syllables? How much does it matter where they occur in the line?
To what degree is beauty a combination of proportion and symmetry?
What is the effect of repeating sounds and rhythms? How about varying them?
Does a rhyme, for instance, conflate meanings from different sections of the text, reaching across Time, invoking memory but somehow as a pure 'Now'? To what degree?
What modes of thought are involved in reading - is there horizontal and vertical thought? Is there a difference between motion and movement?

This sort of thing. The updated version of my poem utilises some of my insights - for better or worse.

- Warren