A bad design, the human atomaton;
Too many flaws, too many failings,
Boredom being the most prominent,
Followed sharply by the lusts and hungers.

Why argue evolution when the opposite is obvious?
Death, the bringer of truth, more prominant than any muse,
All pursuits being trivial, one need only stare
Recklessly at the anatomy
And cry out pointlessly -

Why leave the heart guarded thus?

Sentinels, battalions, armies, mercenaries, atom bombs,
Gods, miracles, states, titles, religions, epoch upon apogees
Only to leave us with a few bones and tissue to protect our rhythms?

The greatest war ever fought was for the heart -
Helen, scrumpet you, tear another tear in this ceremony
Of butchery - limbs and ideals must be cast astray
For all that bares good fruit these days is the heart...

Pluck a few ribs away and its yours.
All it takes is a little concentration.
Take the heart, leave the stuffing,
And bring forth new wares for the brewing.