Thoughts and thoughts and thoughts;
Ought they be outrighteous,
Outrageous and automotive
As they think they are?

Building structures with these thoughts
Rhyming, cascading, rupturing minds
With platitudes seeking futile
Plateaus within cadences and crimson white
Poles that tipple the signifiers mutely
Given nothings great a plethora?

Why tiptoe endlessly through these fields
Of meanderings of meaninglessness
Hoping to capture anything but
Baseless musings of soulless pontificators
On the inability to canvas truisms
In the face of irreconcilability?

I cough beatified at the trundling
Visited upon the unknown frolics
Of these unwoven pages of modern awe;
What possibilities seemed endless are
Nevertheless simple bells ringing
At funerals yet to be held,
Of carcases yet to be eaten,
In tombs yet to be built;

We, poor witnesses to these piteous
And pious botherings dreaming forward,
Glaring backward, confused daily
By sitting only a little while
And remarking simple echoes of thinkings
Thought before:

How strange it is that we go forward
And remember all in reverse...

A thought worth remembering while
Watching loved ones carried off in a hearse.