On a more personal note:
Never engage with polarities;
Up is down to Black is white,
There the dawn bleeds into night/
The joust for meaning implies
The engagement with the enemy;
All are friend and foe except
That Ideology design to make it so.

Armies, like countries exclude all but base
Revision of ideas long forlorn or much longer
Preferably forgotten, as memory is our greatest liability
As well as our greatest asset.
Harry the North again dear
Norseman of the Apocalypse;
Death reigns truer for lands
Starved of their origins,
Clensed of their histories,
What need of new truth
When such seedlings can be born each day.

Recoil dearest foreign memories,
Care not for such whims and wares of old -
New days of bliss await with stories untold
And mountains of gold to wash away glories unfolded
And pact upon fires to burn on the bryers;
But the truth is that we tear out new leaves
In every pamphlet we toss asunder,
The truth is the truth returns memory or not,
The truth is we can burn the past -
Not at least until we rot.