I find the time you need to lose to feel empty again

You locate the space I want to be lonely in

I search the empty space you require to be needy

You penetrate the shallowness of my depth


I lost the weight you were carrying and need a receipt for tax purposes

You brought the fuzz that I missed when I watch too much television

I create the symptom of the therapy you have to keep yourself guilty

You place the nothingness I forsook to remind others to pray


I project the waste necessary for you to pretend that everything is dirty

You protect the thing I hate the most which keeps me divided from what I want

I count the blessings you hoard like small insects running in my skull

You prevent the future by pretending that you miss me when I’m here


I confuse the closeness we have with the distance you feel from the sun

You burn the whole fucking house down why would you be so careless

I help your family remind themselves that they didn’t really like you anyway

You conduct the survey of the thing that if I knew it existed I’d probably kill you


I am the symptom to the cure you need to survive another day on this rock

You are the disease I forget to notice each time I stare directly through you

I could be forgetfulness in its purest formula if you could only remember to do so

You lost the past I was looking forward to –